Course Status

Course Status

Last Updated: Sun 19 May

Course and Range open. Trolleys ON Buggies ON

Course open
Range open
Buggies yes
Electric Trolleys yes
Trolleys yes

Dear members.

Please find notice that Winter rules have now been taken off the golf course as we reach spring and the grass is starting to grow.

There have also been some queries about GUR areas with drop zones markedPlayers must take full relief from marked GUR areas but may choose if to use the drop zone or by dropping a ball in a relief area based on the nearest point of complete relief, no nearer the hole.

For clarity Crow Damage is also covered by the new “Abnormal Ground Conditions” rule and “Animal Hole definition”.
A full description from the R&A can be found at this link:
But for this blog – highlights are detailed below:
Rule 16 – Relief from Abnormal Course Conditions (Including Immovable Obstructions), Dangerous Animal Condition, Embedded Ball

“Purpose: Rule 16 covers when and how the player may take free relief by playing a ball from a different place, such as when there is interference by an abnormal course condition or a dangerous animal condition.

  • These conditions are not treated as part of the challenge of playing the course, and free relief is generally allowed except in a penalty area.
  • The player normally takes relief by dropping a ball in a relief area based on the nearest point of complete relief, within one club length of the nearest point of no nearer the hole.

This Rule also covers free relief when a player’s ball is embedded in its own pitch mark in the general area.”

Definition of Animal Hole 

Any hole dug in the ground by an animalexcept for holes dug by animals that are also defined as loose impediments (such as worms or insects).

The term animal hole includes:

  • The loose material the animal dug out of the hole,
  • Any worn-down track or trail leading into the hole, and
  • Any area on the ground pushed up or altered as a result of the animal digging the hole underground.

We hope this is a useful update.

Kind regards

Men’s Committee.

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