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Course Status

Last Updated: Fri 19 Apr

Course and Range open. Trolleys ON Buggies ON

Course open
Range open
Buggies yes
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Trolleys yes
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Dear Captains,

All is now set for match 4 of the winter league on Saturday with the line ups in the link below:

Winter League Fixtures for Sat 10.11.18

The weather looks a bit mixed but the heavy rain should move through on Friday so I hope its not too bad.

One piece of admin and that is that Mike Godfrey has agreed to take over the Captains role of the Mad Hatters from myself to avoid any concerns on team selection.

Please note the earlier starts due to the clock change which now apply for the following two matches as well. (and as usual please ensure that each team member pays at the shop before going out).

Still quite early in the season and a long way to go but some interesting fixtures at the top of the league with 1st vs 3rd and 2nd vs 4th and at the other end of the table can the bottom team,  Eagles “do a Newcastle” and get their first win of the season vs 2nd Bottom Fleetwood Macs?

Most importantly hope you all have a great day


Kevin Watson, Winter League CEO/

PS : Rule “ Clarification”

One additional point of interest raised after the last fixture concerning rules in case of a penalty shot in American greensomes:

Scenario : Player A hits the ball into the water off the tee, Player B hits the fairway.  If player B then drops a ball (where Player A’s ball crossed the margin) and hits it this then the third shot and the ball in play for that team?

Answer : I am not an expert on the rules of golf and still don’t have a definitive answer !! However, I consulted Richard and he is confident that each team gets two alternate strikes of the ball in this format regardless of the penalty stroke so the choice can be made after two strikes of each ball have occurred even though one ball will be counting 2 shots and the other 3 shots.

Until we hear otherwise I would therefore advise that we adopt this as our base case.

I have actually written to the R&A on this but have yet to hear back – guess they are busy with other stuff but what can be more important than winter league?!

In any case it is always important to remember Rule 20 in match play concerning issues encountered during a round….. “during a round without a referee assigned to the match, you and your opponent may agree how to decide a rules issue. The agreed outcome stands, provided you and your opponent did not deliberately agree to ignore any rule or penalty you both knew applied”

(You can also agree to resolve later pending clarification of the rules but this is always somewhat unsatisfactory as the dynamic of the match is altered from that point forwards which seems unnecessary). 


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