Course Status

Course Status

Last Updated: Sun 19 May

Course and Range open. Trolleys ON Buggies ON

Course open
Range open
Buggies yes
Electric Trolleys yes
Trolleys yes

(The Seniors Section has its own process; please consult Charles Bone, Seniors Handicap Secretary)

With immediate effect, members (other than Category 1 Players) can do supplementary cards. We have had to amend the process that we have used in the recent past due to the current circumstances. The process is as follows:

Before the Round:

  • Members wishing to do a supplementary card MUST register at the Pro-Shop to say that you are doing a supplementary and who will be marking your card. It is imperative that all players report to Pro-shop prior to starting the round. As with Competitions, if you do not pre-register at the pro-shop, you cannot to do a supplementary card.
  • The Pro-Shop will remind players that at the moment all bunkers are Abnormal Course Conditions (GUR) and that Free relief MAY be taken as per rule 16.1a and 16.1b not 16.1c. There is a reminder on the 1st tee.
  • Player/Marker will pick up the card with appropriate precautions and enter the information on card for player for whom they are marking card (supplementary, date, tee time, players name, markers name, players handicap, tees used) as per the recent communication re Card completion (AVOID GETTING DISQUALIFIED IN COMPETITIONS – IMPORTANT REMINDER ON CARD PROTOCOLS)

During the Round:

  • The temporary code of conduct in line with current recommendations is that players must not touch the flagstick.
  • There are to be no gimmes, the ball must go in the hole (albeit restricted by foam from reaching the bottom of the cup).
  • As confirmed above, all Bunkers are deemed to be part of the General Area and Abnormal Course Conditions (GUR).
  • Players mark both player’s and marker’s score on card in normal fashion.
  • You MAY also record your score through the IG App (go into Handicap Record, press on the top right ‘card’ icon and follow the instructions) however this is not compulsory.

After the Round:

  • Once round is complete, player and marker must certify the correct scores on the supplementary card; hole by hole, not just by total points and confirm the final score. Cards should be signed by the marker only.
  • Card should be put in either the Mens or Ladies Handicap Secretary’s Box in the normal way (not in the Competition Box).
  • The Handicap Secretary will (a) check that the player did indeed register at the pro-shop, (b) check the card and (c) enter the Card on to the IG system (if the player hasn’t entered in through the APP).

 Malcolm Berryman Handicap Secretary,

Jane Parrett, Ladies Handicap Secretary.

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