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Course Status

Last Updated: Sun 19 May

Course and Range open. Trolleys ON Buggies ON

Course open
Range open
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Dear Member,


In May I wrote to tell you about the Course Rating Project that is an essential requirement for the introduction of the new World Handicapping System (WHS) that is being introduced in 2020. All courses have to be rated on a consistent basis (the Slope Rating) to enable our handicaps to be consistent with the difficulty of the course we are playing wherever that is.

As part of the work to get our courses rated, Crown committed to introducing new ‘forward’ tees which will be available for both men and ladies. These tees will be designated as ‘orange’ tees. Secondly the current red tees will become available and have been rated for use by men as well as ladies – these will be designated as ‘green’ tees.

The Hampshire Golf Course Rating team have rated our seven courses, 5 Mens and 2 Ladies courses. They have confirmed that  the current Standard Scratch Scores (SSS) for our existing courses  will stay unchanged and have provided us with SSS’s for the new courses being introduced. They have also concluded on our Slope Ratings and I will write to you all separately about those shortly.

Since our Scorecard has to be changed to incorporate the new courses, the Ladies Committee have decided to change the Stroke Indices for the courses they play on so that they are more in line with CONGU guidance (which focuses on delivering stroke indices that are appropriate for match play). The Mens and Seniors committee have decided not to change their stroke indices.

Our Implementation date for these changes is Wednesday October 2nd and you will see four changes from that date:

  • For the current red tees:
    • The tee markers will be repainted with green ends;
    • The existing red plates on stones will be removed and replaced in time with green ones;
    • A  men’s par and SSS will be introduced for the Green course;
    • The Green Course will be added to the Club systems so that competition or supplementary scores can be entered into the computer ; and
    • The Red course will then be deleted from the Club system
  • For the new orange tees:
    • Proper tees  will be cut out;
    • Orange tee markers will be put down;
    • New mow-over tee plates will be put down in time;
    • New men’s and ladies par and SSS will be introduced for the Orange course; and
    • The Orange course will be added to the Club system so that competition or supplementary scores can be entered into the computer.
  • The White ‘map’ Signs will be replaced as soon as practically possible.
  • The new scorecard, with the new Ladies Stroke Indices will need to be used by the ladies from Wednesday October 2nd. A temporary supply will be available until the new printed cards are available. The Men and seniors can carry on using our existing scorecard.

As a consequence of the changes to the Ladies Stroke Indices, the General Committee have decided in line with CONGU guidance for Mixed Golf  that Mixed Match Play matches will be played using the Ladies Card and Stroke Indices. This mainly affects Winter League and the Club Match Play competitions.

If you have any questions on this work, please speak to any member of the Project Group (Jos Kerr, Alan Bailey, Steve Gibbs, Vince Wood, Richard Adams or myself).

Happy Golfing, Malcolm Berryman

Handicap Secretary, South Winchester Golf Club

Telephone – 07831 224494

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