Course Status

Course Status

Last Updated: Tue 16 Jul

Course and Range open. Trolleys ON Buggies ON

Course open
Range open
Buggies yes
Electric Trolleys yes
Trolleys yes

This year we will be aiming to quell the appetite of the Rooks by several different methods

–    Noise Cannon         Will likely start early Sept as otherwise they will get used to it and complacent

–    Shooters                  We need to obtain a licence from DEFRA

–    Drones                     Self flying ‘safe’ drones are being investigated

–    Chemicals                We have already sprayed with the newly released chemical

–    Driving at them         A Staff member will be deployed to continually disturb them when necessary

–    Scarecrows              Have been successfully used elsewhere, but time consuming to make

Members Competition

‘Build a Scarecrow’ Competition (to help scare away the birds)

Winner gets £100 on your Levy card, 2nd place £50

Closing date 31st August

Researchers have learned that those with realistic facial features and brightly colored clothes are better at shooing away birds.

Course news:

We will be trailing a granular feed on the course as opposed to liquid to see if it hold better and creates a lusher playing surface

Sand is continuing to be re apportioned on the bunkers to try and get an even spread.

Next week is Course maintenance week that will include tining the greens and tees and dressing with sand to aid aeration and break down the layer of thatch. This has been missed in previous years on the tees and so will help to bring them back to a good standard.

Happy Golfing

Kind regards
Roger Tomey

Regional General Manager

Tel 01962 873546
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