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Course Status

Last Updated: Sun 19 May

Course and Range open. Trolleys ON Buggies ON

Course open
Range open
Buggies yes
Electric Trolleys yes
Trolleys yes

Dear Member,


SWGC has been chosen as the Pilot Club for Crown’s implementation of the IntelligentGolf computer system across its entire portfolio of Clubs. This reflects both our importance to the Crown Group and due to our calendar of competitions.

The system will be implemented on the morning of Wednesday December 4th before 6am. In the 24 hours before launch, every member will receive an email from Crown Golf welcoming them to the new system. It will also explain how you can access it through the Touch Screen in the Club and the App, its main features and your new LOGIN details including User Name and Password.

There have been some very good reports about the IntelligentGolf system and we are looking forward to seeing it installed and working for the benefit of all our members. However, this Blog is concerned with implementation and there are a number of things that you should know in connection with that.

  • Welcome and LOGIN details and process.

Members will receive an email in the 24 hours before launch from Crown explaining the LOGIN process and providing User Names and Passwords. These will be available to use immediately. The Home Screen on your computer will look like the one below. It is accessed by pressing the Members button on the SWGC Website. (Please note that you should not see any difference to the existing SWGC Website and should still be able to see all existing Blogs, documentation etc)





  • Members Tee Bookings

You will book your tee times through the Intelligent Golf system logging in as described above (or through the App). Any existing tee times that you have (for the period December 4th-16th) will be transferred across in time for the launch and so be readily available to you.

The 12 day booking system still applies (7 days for visitors) and the system opens for bookings at 6am as now. Your names will be shown on the tee sheet for any particular booking automatically. Please note you will not be able to book before sunrise or after 2 hours before sunset.

  • Transfer of Membership Data.

There will need to be a 2 day ‘cut over’ window (Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd) to extract the membership and handicap data etc from the current system and load it into IntelligentGolf. Throughout this 2 day period we will not be able to use our current system to run any competitions, alter any handicaps, add supplementary cards, nor use the membership system to add any new members. There are currently no competitions planned for these two days.

  •  Competition Entries

Competitions are run the same way as now with entries for regular competitions being through the pro-shop. Entries for Major, Board or special competitions through the Touch Screen or through the App.

  • Historic Competition and Handicap Data

Your Handicap will be transferred as of the 2nd December. One drawback of the new system is that it cannot take historical data from the existing Club v1/Howdidido system. The existing system will be available until February 2020 for reference. If you are interested in capturing your historic data then please contact Malcolm Berryman direct. No data is lost and is recorded via your CDH number by England Golf. Malcolm will be able to provide you with a spreadsheet of your historic data.

The lack of historic competition and handicap data creates some extra work in the short term. Your Handicap and Competition Secretaries will ensure the qualifying conditions and Handicap Reviews are updated accurately.

If you have any questions about this very exciting development for the Club, please don’t hesitate to contact the Club. If related to Handicaps, Competition or data, please contact Malcolm Berryman.

I hope you all enjoy the new system.

Roger Tomey, General Manager
Steve Parrett, Club Captain
Malcolm Berryman, Handicap Secretary

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