Course Status

Course Status

Last Updated: Sun 19 May

Course and Range open. Trolleys ON Buggies ON

Course open
Range open
Buggies yes
Electric Trolleys yes
Trolleys yes

Work on the course this week will include:

-Verticut the tees so that they are more uniform and remove the wispy longer grass that the usual cutting can miss.  The Greens will then seeded and dressed where appropriate (mainly on the par 3’s)

-The 15th Tee will be tinned with holes to aid aeration, dressed and seeded.

We will also move the Yellow and White tee markers to more appropriate places.

-A liquid feed and wetting agent will then be applied to aid the recuperation and overall aesthetic.

We have sprayed the newly released chemical on the course to inhibit the chafer grubs, as a result of this you may some evidence of the dead beetles on the fairways.  As the beetles emerge out into the open they are also being prayed on by the Crows, Rooks and Seagulls which you may see in large numbers.

Don’t forget your Suntan cream and to drink plenty.

Have a great week!

Kind regards

Roger Tomey

Regional General Manager

Tel 01962 873546

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