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Course Status

Last Updated: Sun 16 Jun

Course and Range open. Trolleys ON Buggies ON

Course open
Range open
Buggies yes
Electric Trolleys yes
Trolleys yes

Over recent weeks we have become aware of increased levels in concern, amongst the members of all sections, regarding a decline in the quality of the course and the facilities provided to the members to aid their comfort and enjoyment.

Upon the return from annual leave this week of our Regional General Manager (Roger Toomey) a meeting was arranged and convened with Club & Vice Captain to discuss these concerns and confirm the plans to address them.

We would like to assure all members of South Winchester Golf Club that the Section & General Committees as well as the Management Team and Staff representing Crown Golf are absolutely committed to working together in providing the best of facilities and the best possible playing conditions, but would also acknowledge that of late we have failed to meet our high expectations in some areas.

A new Greens Committee has held its first meeting this month and will be getting together each month utilising a comprehensive course audit compiled by Kevan Walsh. The aim of this committee is to agree action plans to achieve short, medium and long terms goals in addressing the areas of concerns on the course, as well as ensuring quality control is not compromised by over-commitment to workload.

These plans include, but are not restricted to, items such as greens, bunkers, pathways, tee boxes, irrigation, wild-flower areas, filled in bunkers, rook damage etc.

Monthly Schedules of Works will be agreed and displayed on the 1st Tee, Main Notice board and issued via Members Blogs. These schedules will then be reviewed at the end of each month by the committee and a report submitted to General Committee and Crown Management.

If you would like to input into this please contact Kevan Walsh, Paul Kille, Peter Varlow (Head GK) General Manager, Club Captain or Vice Captain.

A replacement Green Keeper is currently required to bring the team to full complement and the process is at an advanced stage with 3 candidates under consideration. Once appointed this full team will aid the Greens Committee and Peter Varlow in implementing the actions within agreed timelines, notwithstanding exceptional or unforeseen circumstances, we are of course at the mercy of mother nature on a grand scale.

Immediate Areas of Concern:

Greens : these have been put under stress recently due to the hot weather and a faulty irrigation system, the Greens Team believe they now have this under control and will be fertilising them shortly to aid recovery, as the weather now supports this. Progress to be monitored by Management and the Greens Committee.

Fairways : Bare lies, divots and old rook damage on fairways, as a short-term solution an application is being made to Hampshire PGA to allow preferred lies (Winter Rules) be re-introduced at the earliest convenience. This reflects the current playing conditions, removing the need for local rules and inordinate amounts of white lining for GUR.  STOP PRESS:  THIS HAS BEEN GRANTED SO WINTER RULES ARE IN OPERATION AS OF NOW.

In addition “Divot Bags” for use by members as they play are being ordered and we would urge EVERY member pick up the mantle (bag) in aiding the course recovery programme.

Longer term resolution plans will be under the remit of the new Greens Committee.

Changing Rooms: Two contractors have been commissioned to provide quotes to rectify the plumbing issues in the changing rooms which have become apparent since the refurbishment. The aim is for the works to be completed by 14th September.

The Management would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to members in not addressing this sooner.

We hope this allays some fears but please feel free to approach any of us to discuss further.

Roger Tomey                                       Peter Tubb                              Steve Parrett

Regional General Manager                 Club Captain                           Club Captain

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