Course Status

Course Status

Last Updated: Mon 15 Jul

Course and Range open. Trolleys ON Buggies ON

Course open
Range open
Buggies yes
Electric Trolleys yes
Trolleys yes

As I write, we have been back playing for a couple of weeks after a lay off of about eight weeks. A quick look at the Club Diary will show that there would have been a competition or match on each of the days when the Course was closed, the competitions that have been delayed or cancelled include the Easter Cup, The St George’s Day Cup (and Dinner), the Cathedral City Challenge,  the Inaugural Cup and The Pete Todd Trophy. The Lady Captain’s Day and the Cromwell Cup, both due in the next two weeks, will not take place as planned.

The situation regarding “competitive” golf is still a bit unclear and could change at any time. As things become clearer, we will have to decide what to do with the remainder of the year however, it would be good to get something moving and the next two major events in the calendar are the Men’s and Ladies Championships.

In an attempt to continue the progression towards the pre-lockdown situation, we would like to try and hold these events. Time is too short to arrange the Men’s Championship for the date in the diary so it’s Ladies first on the 20th/21st  June and Men a week later.

Full details for each competition will follow as they are opened for entry, play will be under the conditions that we are currently experiencing i.e. social distancing, 2 balls, no rakes, hole depth restrictions, flag sticks remaining in etc. There will be a safe system for recording scores.

Steve Parrett, Club Captain

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